Group Report

Group Report presents information on a group of related companies to show the major companies, business entities, business owners and key executives are related.

Understanding these relationships in a business partner enables you to :

  • Better manage business risks

  • Know the decision making process of your partner

  • Uncover new business opportunities within the Group

Report will be delivered in 1 working day

Group Report Availability

Group Report Content layout

1. Name of the Business Group

2. Year of Establishment

3. Business Head Quarter

4. Business Operation Area

       4.1. Domestic

       4.2. Overseas

5. Business Activities

       5.1. Initial Activities

       5.2. Detail of Previous Business Activities

       5.3. Detail of Current Business Activities

6. Ultimate Investment Holding

7. Estimate Number of Group Members

8. Major Members of the Group

9. Total Employees

10. Business Trend in the Last 5 Years

11. Major Owners (Estimated by Percent)

12. Name of the Top Executives within the Group (Including Holding, Sub-Holding and Some Major Subsidiaries)

       12.1. Executives

       12.2. Commissioners

13. The listed Company(ies) within the Group

14. Top Private Companies of the Group

15. Estimated Financial Figures of the Group in Indonesia

16. Estimated Sales Structures by Sector of Business in Indonesia

17. Major Bankers

18. Detail Contact Address(es)


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