Cash-flow is the lifeblood of every business. Obtaining new customers is just one part of the process. Ensuring that you get paid on time is just as important. Placing your accounts for collection via indoinfo means recovery of outstanding accounts can be actioned instantly, enabling earlier contact with debtors to recover your money. indoinfo gains are achieved by leveraging our superior technology, collection expertise and vast business information databases including proprietary Credit and Recovery Scores. These capabilities are deployed in your company's name. We can analyze your company's portfolio, apply best demonstrated practices and use the data to create an optimal treatment plan where our efforts have the greatest impact on your receivables. indoinfo uses its international strength partnership and expertise to offer a receivables management outsourcing service that is value adding, efficient, cost effective and seamlessly integrated to a growing number of Indonesian companies. By outsourcing the servicing of your accounts receivable to indoinfo, you will have both internal (processes efficiency) and external (customer relationships) quality levels upgraded, enhancing significantly your business know-how. A pivotal element is that indoinfo can work with you as an extension of your staff - whenever you need help servicing your receivable assets, strengthening your customer relationships and improving the productivity of your staff

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